IDEAL HOLDINGS, a Greek investment company, recently renovated its headquarters housed within a five-story building, in a historic, densely populated neighbourhood in the northwest of Athens city centre. Our proposal covers both the ground floor and the fifth floor.

Due to the building not being privately owned, a prerequisite was established to ensure that in the future the interiors could revert to their original state. This posed a significant challenge in designing the new offices without altering the existing spaces. As our changes needed to be reversible, our design concept resembles a garment tailored to adorn the company’s interior spaces.

Following the standards set by the Well certificate the design aimed to cater to diverse company needs, prioritize employee well-being, nurture creativity, and foster a culture of collaboration.

The ground floor hosts the reception, lobby, conference room and open-plan workspaces draped in dominant white tones.

Our aim for the atrium, which hosts the lobby, was to transform it into an inviting space destined to become a gathering point for the employees- a place where they could pause, step out of their workflow and engage in casual discussions. Due to its central location within the building, it works as a cross path. A bold feature we implemented dresses the staircase, ascending from the ground to the fifth floor. Its a white perforated metal mesh embellished with climbing plants, infusing the space with nature's touch. Arched windows allow the visual connection between the lobby and the workspaces. This, combined with terrazzo flooring and the prevailing plants, creates an ambience akin to a semi-outdoor setting. The open-plan nature of the offices encourages unrestricted movement, communication and creativity among employees. Additional sound-absorbing panels on the walls and ceilings foster suitable working conditions.

Moving to the fifth floor the transparency of the entrance door allows the gaze to penetrate the space and navigate you through. The floor comprises, a meeting room, enclosed adjacent working spaces, the offices of the CEO and CFO and additional ancillary areas. Soft grey plaster on walls complements the prevailing white, enhancing the ambiance. We maintained the existing large openings allowing natural light to enter the rooms. While at the same time, placed strategically grey rollers to regulate lighting conditions and prevent screen reflections. The overall image of the offices is completed by greenery which has a relaxing effect and adds a vibrant aura to the atmosphere.
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