Ogilvy Greece is a company with a history of 40 years in the field of publicity and public relations. It is currently the most successful and the most award-winning agency in the country as well as the most award-winning Greek company abroad. Ogilvy Greece commissioned the architectural firm PROPLUSMA ARCHITECTS the renovation and the works for the aesthetic amelioration of their offices. PROPLUSMA ARCHITECTS took up successfully this challenge and delivered to its client a fresh and innovative space.

Being a continuously expanding company, the main idea was to design a space able to fulfil the needs of an increasing number of employees, through a design language that follows the new trends that apply to open plan office spaces.

An ellipsoidal meeting room, constitutes the core space of brainstorming and meetings with clients. The two workstation islands are developed on both sides of the meeting room, symmetrically, forming the open space area. Along the offices, desk panels are integrated in the design, in order to preserve the privacy of the employers while maintaining the team spirit of the company. In the ceilings, sound absorbing panels are installed in order to prevent any background noise from interfering with the work space.

The space delivered by the architects satisfies fully the given brief. In terms of functionality, the meeting room dominates in the space, honoring the clients since this is the place where the meetings take place. The addition of the two meeting booths increases the number of potential "brainstorming" places. 
Ogilvy Greece
Interior Design
Louisa Nikolaidou