Located in the heart of downtown Athens, amidst the historic Kolonaki district, this apartment is tailored for a family of four within a renowned residential complex which once housed the headquarters of the visionary architect and urban planner Constantinos Doxiadis.

Honouring the building's prestigious heritage, our design approach focuses on preserving its refined charm rather than imposing a distinct style. Inspired by the grid pattern of the façades, we used it as a guiding element to structure both the horizontal and vertical layout of the apartment. Two versatile walls with concealed storage units traverse the entirety of the residence creating two distinct zones.

The communal areas—living room, dining space, and open-plan kitchen—compose the first zone, while the more private areas, including children's bedrooms with private bathrooms, a master suite with a walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom, and a guest bathroom, form the second zone. Upon entering the apartment, attention is drawn to the exposed concrete beams in the ceiling, reminiscent of the building's original structure, harmoniously aligned with the kitchen island below.

Moving into the private quarters, the guest bathroom features intricate details and dramatic lighting, fostering a serene atmosphere. Custom-designed children's rooms adapt to their changing needs, while the master bedroom exudes a hotel-suite ambiance through its layout and materials.

Throughout the apartment, meticulous attention to detail and a thoughtfully curated palette of white and black tones, combined with the timeless allure of wooden floors and tall doors, evoke a sense of luxury while upholding the building's enduring legacy.
Kolonaki, Athens_Greece
Interior Design
Nikos Alexopoulos
Maria Zafiratou