The restless bubbles of Three Cents met a new home in May of 2021, where the worldwide established brand of artisanal beverages now host their Greek headquarters. Located in one of the liveliest spots in the center of Athens, in a typical, lofty Athenian building, this is not an ordinary workspace.

Taking cue from the company's values and the founders' background, PROPLUSMA ARCHITECTS delivered a space where class and refinement meet the fresh perspective of this league of four men and keeps the essence of their journey alive. The main feature of this project is the bar, the lounge area which functions as the core of the facility. It is a spot where casual, spontaneous meetings can take place, while it can also serve as a waiting room, or a place to host the tasting of the company's products. As the rest of the offices revolve around it, the bar remains a crossroad in the everyday life of the employees, as it has been in the past, for the founders of Three Cents.

In this exciting project, PROPLUSMA ARCHITECTS, managed to marry the retro elements of the existing building, to the aesthetic taste of Three Cents, creating a unique working environment. The rejuvenation of the herringbone parquet makes the floor a lively textured surface, while selected frames and artwork dress the otherwise calm deep green or white surface of the walls, paying homage to the prohibition era, which, after all, inspired the company's name. This harmonious combination of material and color is complemented with a variety of custom designed pieces of furniture, topped off with a lighting design that creates various scenarios between a productive day at work and an atmospheric experience. 
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